Yurt Interiors To Hire

One of the exciting things when you hire a yurt from us is that we can also provide a whole range of high quality interior accessories, decorations, furnishings and furniture to hire too, to ensure that you enjoy a fully themed and practical experience.

It is so useful to add a jute carpet, authentic rugs, futons for lounging and traditional Moroccan woolen blankets into youryurt rental, and picture a party yurt full of colourful Turkish scatter cushions and saddlebags. Low wooden tables make interactive social and eating areas, glitz things up with a twinkling chandelier or magical lanterns to create a beautiful ambience for a wedding yurt and imagine snuggling into a fully made up proper wooden bed, perfect for a wedding night yurt.

Our luxury yurts are fitted with heavy-duty waterproof groundsheets so everything will stay nice and dry, and on those darker chillier nights we can even supply a cosy woodburning stove. You might never want to leave.

Look at our gallery and hire prices below and do ask if you have any special requests or would like some more ideas.


Jute carpet linerJute carpet liner


Double futon mattress / sofa

£30 each

Candle lanterns

£2 each

Turkish / oriental rugs

£20 each

Low wooden tables

£10 each

Turkish scatter cushions

£8 each


Turkish saddle bags

£10 each



Wood burning stove

Full of logs ready to light plus a basket full of logs and kindling + fire irons



Kiln dried hard wood – Certainly Wood

£8 per bag

Double bed including all bedding

Sheets, duvet + cover, pillows + pillow slips


Also available

  • Single futon mattress / chair / £15 each
  • Electric chandelier / £15
  • Moroccan blankets / £6 each
  • Single bed including all bedding / Sheets, duvet + cover, pillows + pillow slips £100