Yurt Accommodation

Our yurt hire is simply fantastic for providing warm and cosy bedrooms for anything from lots of children for a sleepover to a romantic hideaway wedding night yurt.

Offering accessories and furnishings to hire, we provide exceptional comfort from roll-out sleeping mats and futons, to a lavishly made up bedroom complete with a double bed, side tables, oriental rugs, Turkish scatter cushions and candle lanterns.

All our yurt hire includes thick flooring and well fitted heavy duty frame coverings to keep you dry and snug whatever the weather, but for those extreme days you can even hire our woodburning stove to nestle next to. And don’t worry, all our yurts for hire have lockable wooden doors for added privacy and security.

The family slept in it, kids played in it, we had lots of parties and everybody absolutely loved it. Only trouble is ... the family will want it every year!

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